January 29, 2020 Ghost Lyrics

Ghost Lyrics – Au/Ra & Alan Walker

Au/Ra & Alan Walker Lyrics Ghost Lyrics CreditsArtist: Alan Walker & Au/Ra “Ghost Lyrics” (from “Death Stranding” soundtrack) Today I’m kinda feelin’ like a ghostCall my friends but ain’t nobody homeTell myself I’m fine, but I don’t really knowI’m just scared that I’ll end upI’ll end up, I’ll end up alone I never let it showBut […]

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January 28, 2020 Darkside Lyrics

Darkside Lyrics – Alan Walker, Au/Ra & Tomine Harket

Alan Walker, Au/Ra & Tomine Harket Lyrics Darkside Lyrics CreditsArtist: Alan Walker, Au/Ra & Tomine HarketAlbum: “Different World” (2018) “Darkside Lyrics” D-d-darkside [Tomine Harket:]We’re not in loveWe share no storiesJust something in your eyesDon’t be afraidThe shadows know meLet’s leave the world behind Take me through the nightFall into the dark sideWe don’t need the lightWe’ll […]

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