July 27, 2019 What is love

What is Love? When does love happen? Meaning of True Love Explained

Here I will answer your all question like what is the love, what is love about, what is love definition or love define, what is the meaning of love etc.

what is love

Love is a set of emotions, beliefs, behavior associated with a strong feeling of protectiveness, attachment, respect for the other person. It is a combination of many emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, care, trust and many more. Definition of Love well it happens at the subconscious level that’s why when we have to explain it to someone we can’t able to express it in words. It is something that one is passionate about and it is about commitment which doesn’t change with the feelings. Example – A man falls in love with a girl what that means? that he saw in this girl someone who he felt could provide him with all the physical & emotional needs & she feels the same and they both assume that was all they need but the thing is both are looking for their own needs. An external love is not on what I’m going to get but it is what I am going to give. I have invested myself in you. True love is a love of giving not a love of receiving. If we like anything then we think our liking is love but it is not where there is lovee there is no question there won’t be any wish there is just you and you. If I tell my partner I don’t like this shirt off you, you change this you’re changing him/her as per your wish, it isn’t a love it is just am looking you in the mirror of my choice. What would it is like you are even punishing me, not talking to me but I want you because I love you. You happy with someone else then I am also happy to see you happy. We like people we like things then our wish is that he or she also likes us, he or she should also behave according to our choice and when he/she doesn’t it hurts us. If he is truly the one you won’t have to ask for attention. Loving is looking at each other on a spiritual level, a level so deep, that you can feel them when they are gone. Most relationships will get “boring” after you have been together for years. Love is a commitment to love you every day. It is magical to find someone who comes along and warms your soul by lightning an eternal fire. When two souls fall for each other there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other.

When does love happen?

It just doesn’t happen you have to create the necessary situation for it to happen otherwise it wouldn’t happen. God has made all people with their unique personality, all of us have different emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. When we find other people which have similar kind of personality like us we see ourself inside someone else then we seem to like him, loving him we feel good to be with him, we feel he is part of our life and when we spend more time with him we feel like we fall him. You met them by fate and it’s an instant connection and the chemistry share is way above your head. You just talk and notice the way their lips curve when they smile or the color of their eyes and all at once you know either you’re lucky or screwed. It takes a long time for two souls to be the one. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world if there is anything better than to be loved it is loving.

what is love

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